For Our Preschoolers

Downtown Dance Factory offers 4 options for pre-schoolers

For drop-in classes for our preschoolers, click here.


For the pre-school ballerinas among us, we are pleased to offer our KindiBallet classes. In these classes, we learn the basics of classical ballet in a relaxed, comfortable, non-stressed environment, and lay the foundations for progression into our higher levels of classical ballet tuition. Story-telling and the imaginative use of props will help your young dancer develop the true ballet aesthetic!

Time: 45 minutes | Tuition: Click here for fees | Age: 3-5 years

KindiBallet - Fall 2023

KindiBallet - Winter/Spring 2023


Does your pre-schooler love moving to anything with a beat? If so, this class is custom-designed for him or her! In these classes, we start learning the basic elements of our jazz technique, and explore fun, modern movement to the pop and rock hits of today! Move over Justin Timberlake ... here come our KindiHoppers!

Time: 45 minutes | Tuition: Click here for fees | Age: 3-5 years

KindiHop - Fall 2023

KindiHop - Winter/Spring 2023


This is the first step in our Breaking program. Taught by one of our resident b-boys or girls, these classes introduce our youngest "breakers" to hip hop and breaking moves, simple freezes and funky footwork!

Time: 45 minutes | Tuition: Click here for fees | Age: 3-5 years

KindiBreaking - Fall 2023

KindiBreaking - Winter/Spring 2023


Our KindiCombo class is the perfect sampling of dance for your active pre-schooler who is ready to jump in with two feet. These classes allows students to experience both the gentle, imaginative, and classical world of ballet, as well as the fast-paced, rhythmical, LOUD world of tap. A launching pad for the dancer who wants to do everything, KindiCombo allows students to gain experience in two disciplines at an age appropriate level and prepares them to continue with Downtown Dance Factory training as they grow.

Time: 60 minutes | Tuition: Click here for fees | Age: 3-5 years

KindiCombo - Fall 2023

KindiCombo - Winter/Spring 2023

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