Aimed at our 2-year old budding dancers, TutuTots is a dance class that the little ones can take along with their parent or caregiver. A tasting menu of different dance styles... we throw in some ballet, some jazz/hip hop, some creative movement, some fun dance-based games... and most importantly, a large dose of imagination!

Tuition: $850/semester | Time: 45 minutes | Age: 24-36 months


TinyTots allows our youngest dancers and their parents/caregivers to share the joy, creativity and imagination of the wonderful world of dance! Through creative movement, the use of imaginative props, songs and games, our TinyTots not only fall in love with dancing, but simultaneously develop fine and gross motor skills, cultivate rhythmic awareness and gain coordination and balance in a safe and nurturing environment.  In this class, parents/caregivers play an active role in supporting and encouraging their dancers, becoming a fellow adventurer as the TinyTots take the first steps of their magical dance journey!

Tuition: $850/semester | Time: 45 minutes | Age: 18-24 months

For Our Tots - Fall 2019

For Our Tots - Winter/Spring 2019

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