Goody Bags

 Downtown Dance Factory can provide goody bags to fulfill all your party needs!  The options are endless ...

  • Choose one item to complement your own goody bag
  • Choose up to 5 items to build a bustin' blow-out goody bag!

Standard Goody Bags

Standard items include, but are not limited to:

  • butterfly wings
  • tutus
  • tiaras/paper crowns
  • sunglasses
  • pirate hats
  • eyepatches
  • capes
  • superhero/mardi gras masks
  • mesh diva gloves
  • sparkly disco caps
  • feather boas
  • feather and/or glitter hair extensions
  • bracelets
  • baseball caps


     1 item      $7
     2 items      $12
     3 items      $15
     4 items      $17
     5 items      $20

Deluxe Goody Bags

Deluxe goody bags include one deluxe item and one standard item for $15/bag. Options include:

  • Deluxe velvet superhero cape and mask (boy and girl options)
  • Deluxe velvet knights cape and gold crown
  • Deluxe velvet pirate cape and cap or eyepatch
  • Deluxe silver tiara and tutu or wings

Goody Bags from Studio 4

Any item(s) from the Studio 4 retail store may be purchased as your goody bag, or as an additional goody bag item, for 20% off the full retail price.  Visit us in our Studio 4 store on the 5th floor or email or call for ideas!

Special Notes

  • Please provide 2 weeks notice if you would like to order goody bags.
  • Most items come in multiple color options.
  • Special color requests can be made, dependent on availability.
  • Other special requests can also be accommodated. Please email us if you don't see what you are looking for.

Please email, call or visit us to discuss and see all our great goody bag options!  We will be in touch to discuss which items you would like and to arrange for payment.  Payment for goody bags will be charged the weekend of your party, and is non-refundable.

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