Summer Program - Helpful Information

What we need from you by your first day of attendance ...

  • Have you uploaded your child's current health examination form? Please upload it here.
  • Does your child have any allergies, disabilities or special needs? All details should be listed in your account via your portal (click on "BILLING & PAYMENTS" and then "STUDENTS" to add or update any medical details) or send us an email and we'll add it for you. Remember, Downtown Dance Factory is not certified to administer medicine.
  • We need you to tell us: who can pick up your child?  All authorized individuals need to be added to your account via your portal (click on "BILLING & PAYMENTS" and then "CONTACTS" to add contacts or to make updates) or just send us an email and we'll add them for you 

If you are registering for the first time, these details can also be added when filling out the registration form.

Helpful information about the DDF Summer Day ... 

 * Pick-up and Drop-off  Students should be dropped off between 9:00am and 9:15am each morning (but please, no earlier than 9am).  Dance programming will commence promptly at 9:15am, so please be sure to arrive by that time.  Students should be picked up between 11:50 and 12pm (AM half day dancers) or between 2:45pm and 3:00pm (full day dancers) each afternoon. 

* Monday Morning Each dancer will be assigned to a specific group by color. You will receive an email before the start of each week letting you know which group your dancer is in and where to go for drop off. This will ease the transition into the program each Monday, so please look out for this email and be sure to go to your assigned studio upon arrival. Your dancer will also have a cubby or hook with his/her name on it where they can put their snack, lunch, extra shoes, etc.

 * Snack and Lunch Students must bring a peanut/nut-free snack and lunch (full-day dancers only) from home. NB: while we are a peanut/nut-aware program, since dancers bring food from home that may have been in contact with other foods, we cannot guarantee that we are completely "peanut/nut free" at all times Please call if you wish to discuss this further. 

* What to Wear Students should wear dance clothes (leotard, shorts/tank) which allow easy movement. While we understand that not all students have ballet, tap or jazz/dance shoes, if your child does have these, they should bring them along. Sneakers should be worn for hip hop. While not required for this program, all dance shoes are available for purchase at our studio retail store, as is a full range of fun dancewear.  Please label everything.

Please note: we cannot process any sales on Monday morning.  However, we will have a sign-up sheet at the 5th floor reception to mark down what you would like to purchase.  We will take care of sizing your dancer during the day and we'll process payment when you pick them up.     

 * Communication  Please advise us of any changes, including late drop-off/absence, early pick-ups, emergency contacts, pick-up authorization etc. 

 * Final Day Weekly Showcase (full day dancers only)  While our Summer Program is definitely about the experience and the process, rather than the final product, we would like to share with you some of what we've done over the course of each week.  Please join us for a pre-pick up, end-of-week show on Fridays ... fun!   We will let you know the time of the show during the week (either 1:30 or 2:15pm). 

*Weekly showcase will be dependent on COVID guidelines in place in summer 2021.

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