VirtualDDF Summer Program

Downtown Dance Factory’s 2020 Summer Program will begin with online options, and there is no shortage of fun awaiting your dancer … We have designed a VirtualDDF Summer to suit all needs. And if it becomes possible for us to move to live programs back at the studio, you will be the first to know!

Click here for VirtualDDF Summer Workshops
Click here for VirtualDDF Summer Drop-In Classes

All Summer VirtualDDF Programs will be run on Zoom’s platform, which you can download here to your computer, or you can download the mobile app "Zoom Cloud Meetings" for your device. Your Zoom link will be listed on your Parent Portal prior to each session. 


VirtualDDF Summer Workshops

Downtown Dance Factory’s VirtualDDF Summer Workshops provide the opportunity for dancers to continue dancing throughout the summer months, while staying connected to friends and the DDF community. Each week-long workshop week will include 2.5 hours a day of engaging and supportive live dance instruction along with a community-building group activity. Group activities will include special guests, crafts, games and time to reconnect with friends and teachers. Dancers will be divided into groups based on age. 

Workshops will run weekly, Monday through Friday:  
Monday June 29th - Friday August 21st (closed Fri July 3rd)
Fee: $200/week

Click here to see a Sample Workshop Schedule.

To Register for a Workshop

Already a DDF family, or have you taken a class with us in the past?

  • Login to your Parent Portal account 
  • Select Session: Summer 2020
  • Select Class Type: Summer VirtualDDF Workshops
  • Select the week/s and complete the registration  
  • Your Zoom link will be listed on your Dashboard on the Parent Portal (one week before the start date)

New to DDF?  

Click on the Register links in the tables below to complete the application form and create a DDF account. If registering for more than one week, you will be able to select additional weeks in the online application form. Zoom links will be available on week prior to the start date. 

VirtualDDF Summer Workshops

VirtualDDF Summer Drop-In Classes

Looking for more flexibility in your dancer’s schedule? Check out our VirtualDDF Drop-In class options. Join your favorite teachers this summer for Jazz Hip Hop Fusion, Ballet, Lyrical, Street Hip Hop, Theater Dance and Conditioning. For our younger dancers, join us for TutuTots, Kindi classes, and our wildly popular weekly KindiDance themed parties! These classes will run weekly for all age groups according to the schedule below. For class descriptions, click here

Drop-ins will run throughout the week, Monday through Thursday: 
Monday June 29th - Thursday August 20th
Fee: $18/class ($16 for TutuTots & Kindi)

To Register for a Virtual Drop-In Class

Already a DDF Family, or have you taken a class with us in the past?

  • Login to your Parent Portal account 
  • Select Session: Summer 2020
  • Select Class Type: Summer VirtualDDF Drop-Ins
  • Then select the class from the listing
  • Your Zoom link will be listed on your Dashboard on the Parent Portal

New to DDF?  

Click here to complete the application form to create a DDF account.  You can leave the class selection blank. Once you've created your account, follow the instructions above (for "Already a DDF Family") to login to your Parent Portal and register for a Virtual Drop-In Class. The next time you want to take a Drop-In Class, simply login to your Parent Portal. 

Registration must be received at least 30 minutes before the class time to ensure sufficient time to send Zoom login instructions. 

Note: The VirtualDDF Drop-In schedule may vary from week to week. Each successive week will be published, and available for registration online, as of the Friday prior.

VirtualDDF Drop-In Class Schedule (Week of July 13th)

 Day/Time  Studio A  Studio B Studio C 
 Monday 4:15pm  Street Hip Hop 3rd-5th (Leah) Ballet K-2nd (Hannah J)   Jazz Hip Hop Fusion 6th+ (Rachel)
 Monday 5:15pm  Street Hip Hop K-2nd (Kirsten) Lyrical 6th+ (Meghann)  Boys Breaking 4th+ (Major) 
Tuesday 3:30pm TutuTots (Vicki)    
Wednesday 4:15pm Theater Dance 3rd-5th (Lauren) Jazz Hip Hop Fusion K-2nd (Vicki) Boys Breaking K-3rd (Major)
Wednesday 5:15pm Theater Dance 6th+ (Lauren) Lyrical 3rd-5th (Kenzi)  
Wednesday 6:15pm Conditioning 5th+ (Meghann)    
Thursday 4:15pm Lyrical K-2nd (Rachel) Jazz Hip Hop Fusion 3rd-5th (Meghann) Street Hip Hop 6th+ (Leah)

Note: K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 5th+, 6th+ refer to the grade your dancer is entering in Fall 2020 (not their age). For class descriptions, click here


VirtualDDF Summer Policies

Full payment is due at time of enrollment. All VirtualDDF summer payments are non-refundable. If Downtown Dance Factory is able to move any part of VirtualDDF to an in-studio Summer Program, payments are transferable. Summer Workshop & Intensive weeks are not transferable among dancers, but sessions are interchangeable (space permitting). Downtown Dance Factory reserves the right to cancel a Workshop, Intensive or Drop-In class as a result of insufficient registration in its sole discretion. In such instances, a full refund will be provided to the enrolled participants.

We understand these times present different and difficult situations for every family. Should you have a unique circumstance you would like to discuss, please contact us so that we can help find the best solution.

Registration Fees & Discounts

VirtualDDF Summer Workshop & Intensive
There is a one-time $25 non-refundable registration fee per child. Returning students are not subject to this fee. A 5% sibling discount is offered for the 2nd child and subsequent children from the same family registering for the same week. There is a 10% early bird discount for enrolling before June 10th. 

VirtualDDF Drop-Ins
There is no registration fee for VirtualDDF Drop-In classes. If you choose to enroll in any semester or summer-based program in the future, you will be subject to the one-time $25 non-refundable registration fee per child. Returning students are not subject to this fee. 

Summer Make-up/Trial Class Policy

There are no make-up or trial classes for VirtualDDF Summer Workshops or Drop-In classes.

Photo Release

Downtown Dance Factory may, in the course of teaching classes and workshops, putting on performances, and hosting virtual or remote classes, recitals, or events, take photographs and/or video which include our enrolled students. If you DO NOT want your child to be included in Downtown Dance Factory advertising / promotional materials / website, etc., please email us. We will mark it in your family account.



Drop-In Class Descriptions

Ballet Our ballet program is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of correct classical ballet technique. Students are encouraged to embrace the beauty and discipline of this traditional dance style in a nurturing and non-judgmental environment.  Under the leadership of our Head of Ballet, former New York City Ballet ballerina Jessica Flynn, the program embraces a wide range of ballet methods and influences, especially that of George Balanchine, whose legacy is so important here in New York City.

Condition, Strength, Stretch & Fitness for Dancers This class is comprised of a series of exercises formulated to enhance fitness, strength and flexibility for our dancers.  The importance of this type of cross-training has been widely acknowledged in recent years, as the importance of injury-prevention and longevity of dance careers have been prioritized.

Jazz/Hip Hop Fusion is the cornerstone of the Downtown Dance Factory’s offerings. Combining technical aspects of jazz dance with modern hip hop elements, this class sees students explore the style of dance used in present-day video clips, movies and on dance floors everywhere, while always keeping within the bounds of what's age-appropriate for our young dancers! If your child dreams of dancing her way onto MTV or the stage at MSG, this is definitely the class for you!

KindiBallet For the pre-school ballerinas among us, we are pleased to offer our KindiBallet classes. In these classes, we learn the basics of classical ballet in a relaxed, comfortable, non-stressed environment, and lay the foundations for progression into our higher levels of classical ballet tuition. Story-telling and the imaginative use of props will help your young dancer develop the true ballet aesthetic!

KindiDance Party For our younger dancers (aged 18 months through 6 years), we have our weekly VirtualDDF KindiDance Theme Party! Each week we celebrate together with an exciting theme - think Trolls, Frozen, Superheroes, Princesses & Knights, Under the Sea ... there's no end to the excitement! Led by the lovely Miss Vicki and replete with the most creative home-made decorations (that you can make too!), join us on Wednesdays at 11am as we dance and play and read a story! (theme announced each week)

KindiHop Does your pre-schooler love moving to anything with a beat? If so, this class is custom-designed for him or her! In these classes, we start learning the basic elements of our jazz/hip hop fusion technique, and explore fun, modern movement to the pop and rock hits of today! Move over Justin Timberlake ... here come our KindiHoppers!

Lyrical Imbued with a strong technical basis, our Lyrical classes are a perfect fit for the dancer who is seeking the benefits and structure of classical dance technique, but with a more contemporary flavor.  These classes see students explore the modern, contemporary and lyrical dance idioms, all of which have been developed and gained great popularity over the course of the twentieth century. Using music ranging from rock and pop ballads, to folk and singer-songwriters, our lyrical classes are custom-designed for the emotional, expressive dancer.

Street Hip Hop The Hip Hop style of dance has become increasingly popular with both boys and girls, incorporating fast footwork, freestyle dance and free flowing and funky movement. This style is based mainly on street dance styles that have evolved as part of the hip hop culture. Our street hip hop classes are danced to a wide range of past and present hip hop and R&B music, with all music and choreography being age-appropriate at all times. Too cool for school!

Theater Dance Fusing acting, dancing and musicality, our “Theater Dance" classes help to train those who aspire to the Broadway stage!  Working on vocabulary and stylistic elements essential to this dance style, and applying them to a variety of musical theater repertoire, we’re excited to continue to develop this program at Downtown Dance Factory. 

TutuTots: Aimed at our budding dancers, TutuTots is a dance class that the little ones can take along with their parent or caregiver. A tasting menu of different dance styles... we throw in some ballet, some jazz/hip hop, some creative movement, some fun dance-based games... and most importantly, a large dose of imagination!

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