Tribeca comes alive for every dancer’s favorite weekend of the year!

Downtown Dance Factory has held its acclaimed yearly recitals since our founding in 2009. For us, it’s more than just a weekend event. As dance is a performing art, we believe that a performance experience is an integral part of our students’ dance education. Held on a weekend in late Spring, each performance is a dazzling showcase where our students are the stars. It’s the culmination of each dancer’s year-long journey, which has seen them push themselves to new heights and discover their own inner superstar!

Each show is a celebration of growth, a display of jaw-dropping and heart-bursting talent, and a whole lot of fun. It’s a chance for our dancers to shine, and for family, friends, teachers and staff to come together to celebrate our vibrant dance community and love of dance. Cheers, applause, and shared joy fill downtown as we unite to celebrate the achievements of our incredible dancers. It’s a truly magical experience you won’t want to miss. And just wait for the finale!

Welcome to DDF’s Recital Hub – everything you need to know, all in one place.

DDF’s recitals are scheduled on a weekend in late Spring, kicking off on Friday evening, and culminating in the final show on Sunday afternoon. They take place at BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, just a few short blocks from DDF. Stage rehearsals are held at the same location during the week prior. Each class is assigned to a specific show and rehearsal time. You’ll find all of your dancer’s details on this page in late March including:

  • show date(s) & time(s)
  • rehearsal date(s) and time(s)
  • how and when to buy tickets

Please enjoy our recital video compilation above as well as our slideshow from last year’s recitals, Strike a Pose – Recitals 2023. If you have any questions, please check our FAQs below or feel free to reach out at any time.

Recital Schedule

The Downtown Dance Factory Recitals 2024 will be held in May. Details about which show your dancer is in can be found by entering your email address below.

Show Date Time
Show 1 Friday May 17 6:00 pm
Show 2 Saturday May 18 9:30 am
Show 3 Saturday May 18 1:15 pm
Show 4 Saturday May 18 5:00 pm
Show Date Time
Show 5 Sunday May 19 9:30 am
Show 6 Sunday May 19 1:15 pm
Show 7 Sunday May 19 5:00 pm
Show Date Time
Show 1 Friday May 17 6:00 pm
Show 2 Saturday May 18 9:30 am
Show 3 Saturday May 18 1:15 pm
Show 4 Saturday May 18 5:00 pm
Show 5 Sunday May 19 9:30 am
Show 6 Sunday May 19 1:15 pm
Show 7 Sunday May 19 5:00 pm

My Family’s Recital Schedule

Please enter your email address below to see your dancer’s schedule for Recitals 2024.

Thoughts from our Audience ...

"I love this studio so so much! Thank you for such a well-run and professional show and for making my daughter so happy. That was so much fun to watch."
- Parent of a 1st time recital dancer

"A HUGE thank you from our HUGE family for another wonderful year of dance... You have brought so much joy to me and my family, and the thousands of others in your dance world community. And for that we are forever grateful."
- Mom of four DDF dancers

"I'm sure you have heard it a 1,000 times but the show was fabulous, you should be so proud of what you built! Truly amazing."
- Mom of a 6th grade dancer

"I really applaud you for encouraging boys into your dance program.  I love having a boy who is equally devoted to baseball and dancing!"
- Mom of a 1st grade boy

Recital FAQs:

Downtown Dance Factory’s recitals are held at BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, located at 199 Chambers St (between Greenwich & West Sts).

Stage rehearsals are held at BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center at 199 Chambers Street (between Greenwich & West Sts). Walk up the ramp at Chambers St. and enter through the main college doors. The theater is to the left, across the breezeway. Dancers should be brought to the entry to the theater, at which point we will direct you as to where to take them to join their class.

All stage rehearsals will take place in the week leading up to the recitals. Exact rehearsal time(s) are published in the spring and are viewable in your family’s recital schedule page. If you have dancers in more than one class, they must rehearse at ALL assigned times. Please note, rehearsal days and times are not necessarily on the same day as your dancer’s regular class.

Stage rehearsals are NOT dress rehearsals. Dancers should wear their regular class uniform. If your dancer is rehearsing more than one dance on the same day, simply choose one uniform and be sure to bring all relevant shoes!

Don’t worry about any perceived overlap in the rehearsal schedule – we have designed the rehearsal schedule to ensure all classes have a chance to dance on stage. The classes alternate, so your dancer will have a chance to rehearse with each of their classes.

Yes, except for Kindi dancers (preschool kids) for whom rehearsal is NOT drop-off. Dancers in KindiBallet, KindiCombo, KindiHop and KindiBreaking must be supervised by their accompanying adult during their rehearsal.

YES! Rehearsal is not optional! Please plan to excuse your child from any other regular commitments that might conflict with their rehearsal time. These are our only rehearsals on stage, and if anyone is absent, it compromises both their individual performance and also that of the entire class.

If your child will be at the theater for an extended period, you’re welcome to send snacks for rehearsal and/or recital. Food is not allowed in the theater, but they can eat in the Lower Lobby (the area adjacent to the theater) and in Theater 2, the holding area during recitals.

Tickets to all shows will go on sale in mid-April. Tickets are sold via the Tribeca Performing Arts Center box office online or by phone. Each of the shows will have its own on-sale date. Visit our Tickets page here.

No, dancers in the recitals will not sit in the theater, and therefore do not need a ticket.

Dancers should be dropped off in Theater 2 of BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center. Please have only one grown-up drop off your dancer. Walk up the ramp at Chambers St. towards the main doors of the college. BEFORE you reach the main doors, you’ll see signs directing you down the stairs to your left. Proceed across the courtyard, through the college doors on the right. Theater 2 is down the hall. Once in Theater 2, we will direct you as to where to check in your dancer. You can then take your seats in Theater 1. Seating will begin 30 minutes before show time. All audience members NOT dropping off dancers should proceed directly to the theater and take their seats.

30 minutes prior to the start of the show. Grown-ups should then promptly take their seats in the theater so the show can start on time.

Shows will have a 10 minute intermission.

We estimate shows will be approximately 2-2.25 hours.

We ask that you kindly refrain from filming during your dancer’s show. We have a professional company that will be recording all shows, and downloads of the show will be provided to you within a few weeks of the recital. Filming during your dancer’s show is distracting to the dancers and can impede your fellow audience-members view of the stage.

We have staff that will take care of helping your dancer with costume changes. We’ll let you know in advance which costume to wear first. Just be sure to arrive at recitals dressed in that first costume, and label the other costume bag(s) with your dancer’s name and dance. Bring all costumes with you to the theater (including shoes!), and drop the costumes off with us when you check in. We will take care of the rest!

No, all dancers will dance in both their class dance as well as in the finale. So please plan to pick up your dancer at the end of the show.

All dancers must be signed out with the DDF supervisor assigned to their group. After the finale, our staff will lead the dancers from the stage back to where you dropped them off. To avoid congestion, please send one adult only to pick up your child (or group of children). This adult can then escort them out to greet their adoring fans!

Yes! We are always looking for parents and/or caregivers to help out at both rehearsals and recitals. If you’d like to volunteer, please submit this form by April 18th.

Feel free to email or call us at 212-962-1800 if you have any additional questions.

Recital Participation Dancers registered in our Winter/Spring semester will perform in Downtown Dance Factory’s annual dance recitals (for TutuTots dancers, participation is optional).

Recital Fees A costume fee per dancer (per class) and a participation fee (per dancer) are charged at the beginning of the Winter/Spring Semester. If for any reason a dancer will not be able to participate in the recitals, we must be notified before their 3rd scheduled class in Winter/Spring Semester, and you will not be charged a costume and participation fee. Recitals take place at BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center and are a ticketed event.

Allocations of Classes to Recitals Downtown Dance Factory holds multiple shows within our Recital Event. Families sometimes wonder why their dancers (who either take multiple classes or have siblings who take classes) are not all in the same show. We work tirelessly to create these shows and to meet your needs.  We do everything we can to make the shows equal among dance genres, ages, length, etc.  With so many factors to consider and so many combinations of dancers who take multiple classes and have siblings who take multiple classes, it’s simply impossible to satisfy this request.  That said, we are proud of all our dancers and know that each show will be entertaining and fun for our audiences!

Change or Cancellation Recitals are subject to change at Downtown Dance Factory’s discretion without advance notice.

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