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Class fees

Class time per Week Fees: 2022-23
45 minute class $915
60 minute class $950

Class length is dependent on the class type. Click here to see all class types and associated class length per week.

To register, please click here.


Semester Deposit & Balance: When you register, you will be charged a $100 deposit per class, $50 of which is NON-REFUNDABLE. This guarantees your spot. The balance of your fees will be charged the first week of the new semester. Fees will be pro-rated if the semester has already begun. No fees are charged if registering for the wait list. There will be a $5 fee for declined cards. 

New Semester Re-enrollment: ALL DANCERS ENROLLED IN FALL CLASSES WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY RE-ENROLLED IN THE SAME CLASSES FOR THE WINTER/SPRING SEMESTER ON NOVEMBER 1st. You must opt out via email between NOVEMBER 1st and NOVEMBER 9th if you choose NOT to continue dancing into the next semester. Deposits for the next semester’s classes will be charged on November 11th. The balance of your tuition will be charged in the first week of the new semester, along with the recital costume and participation fees. I UNDERSTAND THAT IF I DO NOT OPT OUT, MY FALL SEMESTER DANCER WILL BE ENROLLED IN THE SAME CLASSES FOR THE WINTER/SPRING SEMESTER AND THAT THE DEPOSIT(S) WILL BE CHARGED TO THE CARD ON FILE ON NOVEMBER 11TH.

Summer Fees: A $100 non-refundable deposit per week will be charged at the time of registration; The balance of summer fees will be charged on June 1st. If registering after June 1st, you will be charged in full. There are no refunds for withdrawals from the Summer Program, nor are there refunds or make-ups for any absences. Sessions are interchangeable, space permitting. We regret that we cannot offer any trials during the Summer Program. For Virtual Summer enrollments, registration must be received no later than 30 minutes prior to the program's start time to guarantee you receive the login ID. Click here for additional information 

Pod Fees: A $100 deposit per dancer is charged upon Pod formation. Payment for the balance of the Pod is charged on the first day of the Pod's semester (payment is pro-rated if the semester has begun). Click here for additional information regarding Pods and Pod policies. 

Multiple Class Discount: There is a 20% discount for the 2nd and 3rd weekly class, a 25% discount for the 4th weekly class, and a 50% discount for the 5th + weekly class taken by a single student in the same semester (not applicable in the Summer Program). 

Sibling Discount: During the semesters, a sibling discount of 5% is offered for the second child and subsequent children from the same family. During the Summer Program, a 5% sibling discount is offered for the 2nd child and subsequent children from the same family registering for the same week.

Registration Fee: There is a one-time non-refundable $25 registration fee per student, applicable only in the first semester at Downtown Dance Factory.

Payment Methods: Fees can be paid by credit card (Amex, Visa or Mastercard) when registering online or by check made out to “Downtown Dance Factory, LLC”.  In the case of payment by check, please fill out the online form, leave payment information blank and indicate in the comments field that you will pay by check. Checks should be delivered to Downtown Dance Factory 291 Broadway, 5th Floor, NY, NY 10007.


Covid-19 Related Policies: Downtown Dance Factory follows the CDC guidelines regarding policies in place related to COVID-19. These guidelines are fluid, so we will continue to adapt our policies as needed. Click here for our current COVID-19 protocols.

Uniform Policy: Uniform requirements are set out on our uniform page. Uniforms are available for purchase at our Studio 4 Store. which you can access online here. Hair should be pulled neatly off the face for class at all times. There is no uniform for the summer program. 

Recital Policy: If you are registering for the Winter/Spring semester, your child will perform in Downtown Dance Factory's end of year dance recital (TutuTots dancers' participation is optional). Recitals take place at Tribeca Performing Arts Center and are a ticketed event.  Please visit our recital page for more information. Recitals are subject to change in DDF's discretion without advance notice due to COVID-19 or any other unforeseen event.

Trial Class Policy: Children can do a trial class before registering, however a spot cannot be reserved in any class based on a trial request alone. If the class becomes fully registered by the time the trial is scheduled to take place, your child will need to try/enroll in a different time/class. 

Refunds: If you withdraw from a class before the first class takes place, you will be responsible for $50 of your deposit (per class). Once the semester starts, if you must withdraw from the class, you can do so PRIOR to the 3rd scheduled class. You will receive a prorated refund, less a $25 cancellation fee per class. Withdrawals must be made with at least 24 hours notice prior to your class start time to avoid being charged for the class. There are no refunds or credits for classes dropped or missed for any reason once the third class takes place. We do not provide refunds for uniforms once they have been worn. You understand and agree that DDF cannot and shall not be held accountable for extreme weather or other unforeseen events beyond DDF's control, including but not limited to natural disasters, pandemics, wars, acts of terrorism, or other force majeure events that, by their nature could not have been foreseen by DDF or, if possible to have been foreseen, are unavoidable, and DDF shall not provide a refund or credit for classes canceled in the case of such events. Should CDC or government regulations dictate that In-Studio classes be shut down at any point, or should you decide to pull your dancer for any reason, there will be no tuition adjustments, discounts, credits or refunds for any registrants beyond the timing stated in this paragraph above. DDF will follow the guidance of the NYC public schools, New York City, State and local governments, the Federal government, and/or the safety advisories from New York City (as applicable) in making decisions, which impact our classes, related to COVID-19. Summer Program fees are non-refundable. No classes are transferable among or between dancers. There is no cancellation/refunds for Pods. However, Pod participants are entitled to 2 make-up classes in age appropriate Downtown Dance Factory classes. 

Co-Parenting Payment Policy: DDF is happy to have two or more email addresses on file for contact purposes, and to send information when there is a co-parenting arrangement in place. However, we do not manage co-payments. The parent enrolling the dancer is responsible for payments, regardless of co-parenting agreements. Please ensure all fees are paid when due. DDF is unable to engage in discussion or written correspondence on behalf of either co-parent to a third party.

Class Cancellations: Downtown Dance Factory reserves the right to cancel a class as a result of insufficient registration in its sole discretion. In such instance(s), a full refund will be provided to the class participants.

Make-up Classes: Dancers are entitled to two (2) make-up classes per semester. Please let us know once your child has missed class - call or email us to schedule a make-up in an appropriate class, and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note, make-ups CANNOT be scheduled in a full class and make-ups MUST be taken in the same semester as the missed classes. If you must cancel your scheduled make up, please do so 24 hours prior to it taking place in order for it not to count as one of your 2 allotted make-up classes. In the Winter/Spring semester, MAKE-UPS MAY ONLY TAKE PLACE UNTIL APRIL 1ST, in order to avoid disrupting recital preparation. There are no make-up classes for the Summer Program, for scheduled closures, or for classes canceled due to unforeseen events as contemplated in the “Refund Policy” section above.

Waiting List: If you have signed up for a class' waiting list, we will contact you if a spot becomes available. You will not be charged until we've checked with you to ensure you are still interested in the spot.  In the meantime, feel free to register for a different class; we will happily transfer you to the class for which you're waitlisted if a spot does become available.

Arrival for Class: We would appreciate your respecting your teacher and your fellow students by arriving punctually for class each week. However, please do not arrive too early - we wish to avoid crowds and congestion so cannot have dancers entering more than 15 minutes before class time. 

Dismissal: Students will be released after class to waiting parents/caregivers at the studio door. It is imperative that you arrive back at their studio in time for the end of your child's class. Dancers who have permission to leave on their own must be authorized. Please click here to provide authorization. 

Class Viewing: Please note that apart from the TutuTots classes (in which parents/caregivers are participants), we regret that Downtown Dance Factory is not set up for class viewing. 

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