Summer Planning

As you consider registering for summer, or now that you have, here are some logistics that will help in your preparation ...

Summer Fees

Full day program fees per week: $750 In-Studio / $565 VirtualDDF
Half day program fees per week: $495 In-Studio / $375 VirtualDDF

Week 2 fees will be pro-rated due to the July 4th holiday (holiday falls on Monday July 5th this year).

Summer Tiny/TutuTots Fees:
$300 for 6 sessions, 1x per week 
$540 for 12 sessions, 2x per week (no class on Monday July 5th. The final class is on Monday August 9th)


There is no uniform for the summer program. Students should wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. Dance clothing and shoes (jazz, ballet, tap) can be purchased at our retail store but are completely optional. While COVID guidance remains in effect, masks must be worn by all dancers and staff at all times while at the studio. Click here for our COVID protocols.


Tentative Summer program dates are June 28th through August 20th. Hours are as follows:

  Studio Hours Store Hours
Monday/Wednesday 9:00am-4:15pm 9:30am-4:00pm
Tuesday/Thursday 9:00am-3:00pm 9:30am-3:00pm
Friday 9:00am-3:00pm 9:30am-2:00pm

Medical Information

We do not need your child's medical form from their doctor. However, please make sure to inform us about any medical needs for your child as follows:

  • For new dancers: please fill out all details regarding allergies and/or special needs in the registration form. 
  • For returning families: If your child has any allergies or if any medical information needs to be updated, login to your account and click on the "BILLING & PAYMENTS" menu.  Select the "STUDENTS" button to update. 

For help adding or editing any medical information in the Downtown Dance Factory portal, email or call us and we'll gladly add it for you.   

Please note: Downtown Dance Factory is not certified to administer medicine. If you plan to leave medicine with us, you will need to fill out a medical authorization form before your child's first day. 

Authorization to Pick Up

Upon registration, please ensure that all parties authorized to pick up your child are included in your account:

  • For new dancers: please include ALL authorized individuals in your registration form (add them as a parent or as an emergency contact) 
  • For returning families: to authorize someone new, login to your account, click on the "BILLING & PAYMENTS" menu and select the Contacts button to add/edit.  

For help adding or editing your list of authorized individuals, email or call us and we'll gladly add them for you.

Self-Dismiss: Dancers who are allowed to leave on their own must be authorized. Please fill out this self-dismiss form in order to autohrize them. 

Summer Policies  

A $100 deposit per week will be charged at the time of registration; summer deposits are non-refundable. The balance of summer fees will be charged on June 1st. If registering after June 1st, you will be charged in full. There are no refunds for withdrawals from the Summer Program, nor are there refunds for any absences.  Summer Weeks are not transferable among dancers, but sessions are interchangeable (space permitting).  A 5% sibling discount is offered for the 2nd child and subsequent children from the same family registering for the same week. 

Summer Make-up/Trial Class Policy
There are no make-up or trial classes for the Summer Program.

Registration fee
There is a one-time $25 non-refundable registration fee per child. Returning students are not subject to this fee. Downtown Dance Factory reserves the right to cancel a session as a result of insufficient registration. A full refund will be provided in this case.

Covid-19 Related Policies
While regulations dictate, masks must be worn by all teachers, staff and students and anyone entering DDF. Temperatures will be checked and hands sanitized upon arrival. Waiting areas on both floors will be closed to families and caregivers (exceptions for preschool-aged classes). Dressing rooms will be closed and water-fountains turned off. Dancers will exit using the alternate staircase to promote unidirectional pedestrian traffic. All students/families/staff who have any form of illness must dance from home, and will be expected to adhere to the latest government regulations regarding quarantine after travel or exposure.

Should regulations dictate that In-Studio classes transition to VirtualDDF classes or a hybrid model at any point, or should you decide to transition from In-Studio to VirtualDDF, there will be no tuition adjustments, discounts, credits or refunds for any registrants beyond the timing stated in this paragraph above. 

Photo Release
Downtown Dance Factory may, in the course of teaching classes and putting on performances, take photographs and/or video which include our enrolled students. If you DO NOT want your child to be included in Downtown Dance Factory advertising / promotional materials / website, etc., please send us an email at We will mark it in your family account.

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