Recital FAQs

As of now, all in attendance must wear a mask and, if eligible for the vaccine, must be vaccinated. Dancers who are not yet eligible will need to show proof of a negative COVID test (PCR required) within 72 hours of their time at the theater. Dancers will be able to remove their masks while dancing on stage. 

Downtown Dance Factory is bound by the protocols of BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center. Click here for their detailed protocols and safety procedures. Please note, there will be no exceptions. 

Downtown Dance Factory’s recitals are held at BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center (TPAC), located at 199 Chambers St (between Greenwich & West Sts).

Stage rehearsals are also held at BMCC TPAC.  Walk up the ramp at Chambers St. and enter through the main doors.  The theater is to the left, across the breezeway.  Dancers should be brought to the top of the theater, at which point we will direct you to where their class is sitting in the theater. 

All stage rehearsals will take place in the week leading up to the Recitals. Exact rehearsal time(s) will be published in the spring and will be viewable in your individual Recital Season page. Every effort is made to match your dancer's rehearsal day to his/her dance class day. However Rehearsal days AND times are not necessarily the same as dancers’ regular class times. If you have dancers in more than one class, they must rehearse at ALL assigned times. For more details on the rehearsals, click here.

Not to worry – we have designed the rehearsal schedule to ensure all classes have a chance to rehearse on stage. The classes alternate on stage, so your dancer will have a chance to rehearse with each of his/her classes.

The stage rehearsals at BMCC TPAC are NOT dress rehearsals.  Dancers should wear their regular class uniform.  If your dancer is rehearsing more than one dance on the same day, simply choose one uniform and be sure to bring all relevant shoes!

Rehearsal is not drop-off for Kindi-age dancers (pre-school kids).  Dancers in KindiBallet, KindiCombo, KindiHop and KindiBoys must be supervised by their accompanying adult.  We always need volunteers to help supervise the dancers, signing them in and out and helping them to the stage and back to their seats.  Please email us if you’d like to volunteer during your dancer/s rehearsal time/s.

YES! Rehearsal is not optional! It will be necessary to excuse your child from any other regular commitments that might clash with their rehearsal time (or performance!) - these are our only rehearsals on stage and if anyone is absent, it compromises both their individual performance and also that of the entire class.

Yes, it's a good idea to send snacks with your child for rehearsal AND recital. Food is not allowed in the theater, but they can eat in the Lower Lobby (the backstage area). Kids with late rehearsal times should definitely bring snacks.

Tickets to Recitals will go on sale in late April/early May. Tickets are sold via the TPAC box office online, by phone or in person. Each of the recitals will have its own on-sale date. Click here for more information on buying tickets.

No, dancers in the recitals will not sit in the theater, and therefore do not need a ticket.

Dancers should be dropped off in the Courtyard of BMCC TPAC.  Walk up the ramp at Chambers St. towards the main doors of BMCC. BEFORE you reach the main doors, descend the stairs to your left (you'll see signs).  Proceed across the courtyard, through the college doors on the right. Theater 2 is down the hall. Once in Theater 2, we will direct you as to where to check in your dancer. You can then take your seats in Theater 1. Seating will begin 30 minutes before show time.

Dancers should be dropped off 30 minutes prior to the start of their show.

Shows will have a 10 minute intermission.

We estimate shows will be approximately 2 hours.

We have staff that will take care of helping your dancer with costume changes.  We'll let you know in advance which costume to wear first.  Just be sure to label the other costume bag(s) with dancer's name and dance, bring all costumes with you to the theater (including shoes!), and drop the costumes off with us when you check in.  We will take care of the rest!

No, please do not plan to pick up your dancers after they dance.  Each child will dance in both their class’ dance as well as the finale.  Also, we MUST sign each and every dancer out at the end of the show, and having dancers leave early creates confusion.

After the finale, our staff will lead the dancers from the stage back down to where they were dropped off.  To avoid congestion, please send one adult only to pick up your child (or group of children).  This adult can then escort them out to greet their adoring fans!  All dancers must be signed out with the staff assigned to their group.

We are always looking for parents and/or caregivers to help out at both rehearsals and recitals.  We have a large staff on hand, but we also rely on our wonderful volunteers! If you can lend a hand during rehearsals and/or recitals, please email us.   To see more about what's involved with volunteering, click here.

Please email or call us at 212.962.1800 if you have any additional questions.

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