DDF Testimonials

Jen (mom of Noa)

To all of the amazing teachers and staff at DDF, thank you! We just finished "demo season" with 6 demo classes in all and are just wowed by all the teachers' skill, dedication and passion.  And it is that skill, dedication and passion that is becoming instilled in Noa!

Chloe (mom of Lily & Coco)

DDF has been part of our family for the past 6 years, and we couldn't be more delighted!  We have nothing but love and praise for DDF.  The energetic, positive and nurturing environment they create on a daily basis is both inspiring and empowering for our little dancers. The amazing team at DDF offers so many wonderful experiences and opportunities within their programs, and to top it all off, the end of year recital is simply outstanding!

From a Happy DDF Family!

From Eileen - mom to Dylan
Downtown Dance Factory is a place where young people come together.  From experienced performers to the novice dancer, Hanne and Melanie have created an extraordinary community. Their talented teachers in each genre bring an enthusiasm for excellence to what they do. The students learn not only to dance, but to live with grace, hard work and kindness to themselves and each other. 

From Nana - grandmother to Dylan
DDF has incredibly creative and talented dance instructors. They create a loving and nurturing environment that helps even the most nervous dancer become confident performers. These students grow to be caring, contributing and committed members of their community. This is more than a dance studio. It's a family.

From Dylan - DDF Dancer
I am eleven years old, and this is my eighth year at Downtown Dance Factory. I have learned so much, not only in dance, but about sportsmanship, hard work and friendship. We support each other and take pride in our friend's accomplishments as well as our own. I have made so many new friends at DDF. I love my dance teachers and am proud to be a part of the DDF family.

Denise (mom of Sydney)

My daughter started at Downtown Dance Factory in TutuTots class and loved it from the moment she met her teacher, Miss Vicki. The sweetness and care that the teachers have for their tiny tots was amazing to witness. Since then, my daughter has explored jazz, hip hop and tap and has been nurtured and instructed by great teachers along the way.  The studios are gorgeous, and I love the dance space and the atmosphere that their sunlit rooms offer.  We have been big fans of DDF and have made many friends at this great downtown destination. 

Annabel (mom of Andreas, Tess & Schuyler)

My children have been dancing at DDF since 2010.  And while a lot has changed in that time - most notably the beautiful, big and clean new dance spaces on the 4th and 5th floors - many things have stayed exactly the same. The dance teachers are truly amazing. Besides being incredibly talented, it’s clear that they really care about the kids, making sure that they’re happy in and out of class. And it’s not just the teachers who rock, DDF’s staff is great too. They're very responsive and get back to you right away with any question or concern. But above all, the best thing about DDF are the end-of-year recitals. Taking place over three days on a weekend in June, the shows are a sight to behold. Hundreds of kids - from tots to teens - dancing their hearts out in the most beautiful, sparkling outfits, putting on the most amazing, entertaining spectacle. It all comes together so professionally, it’s like watching a high-end production on Broadway! That’s how good it is!

Henley (mom to Sofia & Nico)

Both of my children have been dancing at Downtown Dance Factory for years, starting in the preschool program and going up to the competition-level teams in jazz/hip hop, lyrical and ballet. The teachers are professional, supportive and, most importantly, lots of fun, and the friends my children have made through their classes feel like extended family. Downtown Dance Factory has ignited a true passion in both our daughter and our son, proving that dance isn't just for girls and that teamwork, determination and athleticism is as much a part of dance as it would be in a traditional sport. There's nothing like the end-of-year recitals, and there's no other dance school that could replace DDF for us!

Robin (mom of Lachlan, Callum & Quinlan)

DDF has been a HUGE part of our lives for the past 5 years!  My oldest son started KindiBoys with Zack when he was three.  Now, five years later, all of my boys are passionate and confident dancers.  Zack, Major, JJ, Banji... all of their teachers have been rock stars.  Best of all, my boys have developed a confidence that has spread into their school and home-life.  They're not afraid to get up in front of people and speak or perform.  I have to mention, the recitals in June are nothing short of spectacular!  Thank you to my DDF family.

Cynthia (mom of Sophia & Lena)

I have two daughters enrolled at DDF and they absolutely love it! Hanne's incredible energy and knowledge of dance has inspired my children to dance all of the time and choreograph their own moves as well! As a parent in NYC, I can honestly say that I have enrolled my children in many other classes over the years and Downtown Dance Factory is the ONLY class that my children NEVER want to miss. Thank you Hanne and Melanie for creating something so special for the kids of Tribeca!

Kelley (mom of Zara & Hudson)

Kudos to Hanne & Melanie for opening a fantastic dance studio in Tribeca. We have tried many places downtown and none compare to what we have experienced at DDF. The classes and instruction are top notch and my daughter loves the Jazz Hip Hop class.

Susie (mom of Liza, Lucy & Charlie)

I am stunned, amazed and delighted both by the quality of the instruction and how professionally the studio is run. Downtown Dance Factory is a true gem in Tribeca!

Vicki (mom of Gaby)

Thank you Hanne & Melanie for opening a dance studio where my daughter can't wait to take class every week. We tried so many other options all over the city, but DDF is truly exceptional. The teaching is inspired and the children thrive in the positive energy and enthusiasm with which every class is delivered. We have recommended DDF to so many of our friends and schoolmates. We can't wait to see what you have in store for this semester and many more to follow!

Ghislaine (mom of Mia & Saskia)

Watching the girls dance makes me smile - not only are they learning to be gifted dancers, but there is a very special camaraderie amongst all of the children. Hanne is an amazing teacher, who you can tell, enjoys every minute with her hardworking students. My daughters and the other children who take dance at DDF are lucky to be exposed to dance in this way.

Kirsten (mom of Zoe)

My daughter absolutely loves the Jazz Hip Hop class she has been taking at Downtown Dance Factory since it opened in Tribeca. She has taken several dance classes in the city before, but they don't even compare. The friendly and professional team at DDF is amazing. I loved how each little dancer performed with such self-confidence and happiness at the last presentation for families, and the dance routines they are learning are simply fantastic. Thank you!!


17, Jazz Factory student from 1999 to present.  Two-time State Jazz Champion and current Jazz Factory teacher.

“Hanne has so much passion and devotion to dance and her students. We all get along like one big happy family!”


24, Jazz Factory student for a decade, professional contemporary dancer with Sydney Dance Company and Australian Dance Theater.

“Hanne is unfailingly dedicated, and develops her students to levels even they would not imagine reaching...” 


21, dancer at the Jazz Factory 1997-2007

“Hanne treated all of her students equally and made all of us feel that we were special. For this reason she was, and is, much loved by each and every one of us. Her attitude and her support have installed a life-long love of dancing in me!”

Sue, mother of Rebecca and Hannah

Current State Jazz Champion and former National Jazz Champion.

“Not only is Hanne an incredibly gifted teacher, she is the most wonderful role model for her students.  Hanne is always very conscious of the music, costumes and dance moves for the various classes being fun, modern, "trendy" and “cool”, whilst remaining appropriate for the specific age groups.”

Judy, mother of Soojee

22, who studied at The Jazz Factory for ten years and has danced professionally with Compania Nacional da Danza in Spain for the past five years.

“Hanne is a wonderful teacher who makes dance fun and exciting at every level and helps each child to feel special. We love Hanne!!!”


17, Jazz Factory student from 1996 to present. Two time State Jazz Champion and former National Jazz Champion.

“The Jazz Factory is truly an amazing dance family and I couldn't ever imagine dancing anywhere else.”

Praise for Hanne Larsen from her former jazz factory students....

22, Jazz Factory student for ten years.  Currently a professional contemporary dancer with Compania Nacional da Danza in Spain.


“I credit the fact that I am able to be dancing professionally to this amazing woman.  Hanne and the Jazz Factory literally changed my life.”

Kristen, mother of Sophie, Emily, Natalie, Matthew and Nicholas

I would go out of my way to recommend Hanne's dance classes to anyone. As a high school teacher myself I have not come across too many more dedicated and brilliant teachers as Hanne.


16, Jazz Factory student from 1994 to present.  Current State Jazz Champion and former National Jazz Champion.

The Jazz Factory is literally my second home! It's not just a place to increase your love for dance its also a place where you make the best, life-long friends.

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