Summer Program Testimonials

Nicole (mom to Alexia and Sydney)

Summer Program at DDF is the place to be if your kids (girls or boys) love dance. My girls (Alexia-8 & Sydney-5) are DDF devotes and have been attending the summer camp at DDF for 3 years. With weekly camp sessions you can choose to attend one/ two/ three or more weeks or jump in for the whole summer. My girls started with one week and have asked to add additional weeks each and every summer - they can't get enough!! 
At camp the children are exposed to many areas of dance (including jazz hip hop, lyrical, tap & theater) and the best part... every Friday is Show Time!! where the full-day campers put on a mini in-studio recital showcasing the dances they have been learning all week. It's magical and amazing to see what is taught, absorbed and learned in just one week!!! 
The combination of DDF's fun-loving staff, talented mentoring & fabulous newly renovated studios put Downtown Dance Factory at the top of our summer must-do list! We can't wait for Summer 2017.


Shab (mom of Natalie & Karina)

Eight years at DDF and my girls still can’t get enough!  And who can blame them?! The beautifully expanded space, along with the most caring and talented teaching staff, are what make DDF so special all year round.  The Summer Program is truly an added bonus.  It’s not only packed with fun classes but it continues to build on the skills the kids learn during the year.  The staff brings the same energy and variety every week throughout the 6 weekly sessions.  From jazz to hip hop, lyrical to ballet and even musical theater, each week ends with beautifully choreographed mini-performances.  You can’t help but feel amazed and inspired by what you see. And judging by the number of returning families summer after summer, we are not the only devoted fans!  

Garrett (dad of Charlotte & Madeleine)

Downtown Dance Factory is a special place. The teachers are wonderfully talented and sweet, the space is big and beautiful, and the dancing is current and fun. While that is true all year long, nothing epitomizes DDF like their Summer Program. Each week my children are excited to enter the studio.  I let go of their warm hands only to have them embraced by a teacher who appreciates and cares about their spirit and uniqueness as much as I do.  At the end of each week, they’ve learned and grown, they’ve performed, and the first thing I hear is  “Mom, can you sign me up for another week of dance camp?” We are blessed to be a part of the DDF family!

Paula (mom of Charlotte & Madeleine)

My daughters love Summers at DDF! There is a fun, creative and young energy that reverberates throughout. You can hear the music from the studios, and see the children’s art work on the walls. The children learn choreography to a variety of dance styles from the talented and loving teachers, culminating in a recital at the end of the week that will be the highlight of your summer! They will dance, they will laugh and at the end you will be in awe!

Carrie (mom of Casey)

Every year we extend the number of weeks we sign up for DDFs summer program because of the enthusiastic teachers, sun lit facility and great creative experience. The studio offers a variety of dance genres everyday, which keeps it fun and exciting for my daughter while still helping her improve her technique. The program is so well thought out and run that it will be a tradition we continue for as long as they will have us!


Catherine (mom of Mia, Serena & Enzo)

The DDF Summer Program is hands down the absolute perfect summer activity for my kids.  Not only are they getting a fun and active way to enjoy their summertime, but they are getting a unique and focused small-group summer intensive class!  They are able to spend more hours in a really special week-long class, rehearsal and performance process than they do in their regular once weekly classes during the school year.  Their skills and their confidence stay strong over the break, but they don't really realize it because to them it has just been a super fun summer camp with friends, dance, song and art.  And with all the different types of dance covered for all levels of dancers, it has been the perfect opportunity for them to try out dance types they had not tried or could not fit into their school schedule.

The flexibility of signing up for a week at a time and the outstanding experience for the kids makes the DDF program the perfect summer dance activity for the busy NYC family looking for a way to keep on dancing through the summer!


Renee (mom of Lucy & Stella)

My two daughters have been going to DDF summer camp for the past few years.  DDF excels in working with both tiny preschool beginners up through skilled preteens. As my daughters have grown as dancers, the program has been passionate about challeging them to reach their highest potential. The teachers and faculty are loving and fun, and I am always amazed at how many dances they learn for the weekly Friday performances!

Kathy (mom of Ava & Giulia)

This ain’t your mother’s dance class! I already knew my kids were cooler than me, but DDF confirmed it. Last summer my girls got a taste of all DDF’s offerings, from Hip Hop to Lyrical, to Jazz and Tap--and even more self-expression through making some parts of their costumes. It was such a well-rounded experience. I was particularly impressed with the weekly recital on Fridays, where the group performed all they had been taught. It was truly amazing what DDF could pack into a week and the kids would retain. Summer at DDF is definitely a tradition in this family!

Karen (mom of Ava)

My daughter has been doing DDF’s summer program since it launched and she loves it more and more each year. The well-rounded curriculum allows kids to experience all different kinds of dance styles as well as musical theatre and arts and crafts. These jam-packed days of performing arts leaves my daughter totally energized and happy.

The teachers and staff are all extremely professional and amazing with the kids. And the best part is every Friday the kids get to showcase their talents with a performance for family and friends that is always high energy and super fun for all. Whether your child already has passion for dance or is eager to try it, this is the summer camp for you!

Colette (mom of Ava)

Best Summer Dance program in NYC!

My daughter has been attending the Summer Dance program at Downtown Dance Factory for 3 years and can't wait to return this summer.  The studios are spacious and light filled.  The teachers are talented, warm, caring and have a true passion for exposing and teaching kids different genres of dance (jazz, tap, hip-hop, lyrical) every day of the week.  What the DDF Summer program offers that I haven't seen anywhere else in the city is schedule flexibility.  You can sign up for one week, six weeks, or anything in-between and the best part is the weeks do not have to be consecutive...perfect for working parents.

There is such a wonderful balance of instruction, FUN and extraordinary self confidence instilled in each and every dancer which is apparent at the end of each week when the kids get to put on a "mini" performance.

Julie (mom of Susie, Summer & Patrick)

What can I say, or should I sing, dance or create??? The summer program at DDF has got it all covered!

My girls return for summer at DDF every year.  And every year it gets better and better.  While we are committed to our DDF class during the school year, my girls look forward to their summer program.  The rooms are bright and airy, the walls are decorated with colorful artwork from current dancers and the staff is not only talented, but happy and enthusiastic!

A little tap, some hip hopping, graceful lyrical, musical theater - you'll get to see it all at the weekly recital.  You will surely walk out feeling inspired!!

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